Most home owners pay off their mortgage as per their original loan contract.

They often add a lump sum during this contract if they have a financial win, or towards the end from their superannuation. But the sad news is that most home owners will not own their own home until the end of this 25 or 30 bank contract.

But we know a better way!

Our 5-step Thrive Plan see’s you paying off your mortgage and owning your home way sooner. If eligible, within 5-7 years from today.

Tailored to work with your current finances, our 5 Step Thrive Plan doesn’t just reduce your mortgage, it also creates extra wealth for you along the way.


Meet with one of our consultants, Gerry or Danny, today and find out.

5 Year Thrive Plan

Your goals: Lets assess

Your finances: We work with you

Outcome: Mortgage free 5 – 7 years

It’s not all about talking, during our meetings we do more listening.

How we help

We like to know how you live your life, what your retirement dreams look like, holiday locations you’d like to visit or renovation plans for your home.  We then like to know more about how you got to where you are today.

Once we know more about you, we can work with you to co-create your home ownership plan.


We know your lifestyle is different to that of your family, friends and neighbours. And that’s how we work best. Creating solutions that work just for you.

Your path starts now!